Sunday, June 19, 2016

 Sunday June 19, 2016 we attended the Kossoh town District meeting.  These are the elders that serve in some of the branches in that district.  About half an hour into the meeting a young usher asked us to let some investigators have our seats so we went outside where these Elders are and sat.  Pretty soon they were outside also.  The microphone went out so we couldn't hear the meeting.  As I sat there boiling hot and not hearing I marveled at these faithful people who were at a meeting they couldn't hear sitting in the heat, because they were suppose to be there. 
 These children were sitting in front of us and the little boy made all their hats out of programs  I took my program and made fans for the little girls.  Then I made one of the paper games they are holding and they all smiled and the little boy laughed out loud.  So I used more programs and showed him how to make them and he made the other 2 girls one and one for himself.  He was really smart and they were all so cute.  We couldn't hear any of the meeting and it was super hot, but we felt the spirit and made each other smile and it will be a meeting I always remember.  The elders were sitting to the left of us. 

 After the meeting Josephine and Joseph between Brent an I wanted a picture.  They are both going on missions on August 25th.  They are two I have been blessed to get to know and help a little bit.  Josephine and I have become good friends.  The young man to the right of Brent just wanted his picture with us.  There were 3 young men his age that asked me after the meeting if I would have my picture taken with them.  Whites here are something of a novelty and they like having their pictures taken with us. 
We are almost to our apartment here.  You can see the cars on both sides of the road, they are just parked.  They do that here.  There is a great and abominable church on the left that is well attended.  They just stop and park on the side of the road and this nice 2 lane road becomes a one lane road. 
This is Africa! 

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