Saturday, June 18, 2016

 May 31,2016  This is the first group of missionaries we received to the Sierra Leone Freetown mission from the MTC.  Our first missionaries here were transferred from Ghana and Accra. They are all seasoned missionaries with less than 6 months before they return home.  They are the trainers to all these missionaries.  Our 2 sister missionaries each have 2 sisters to train.  So now we have a total of 6 sisters in our mission. 
 June 1, 2016 Our second group of missionaries for the MTC.  We were suppose to get the whole group on May 31st, but we do not have the facilities to house that many missionaries at one time.  So we received them in 2 groups. 
 These are the AP's Elder Nymebwe and Elder Kochevar.  It is a little blurry, but I wanted you to see them.  They are amazing young men and help us so much.  Elder Kochevar goes home in July and Elder Nymebwe goes home in September.  We will miss them. 
 Brent and Elder Kochevar, A little blurry also, but it was such a cute picture I couldn't resist.  They had just finished taking all the Elders and Sisters pictures.  Cute Elders!
 These young men are all Sierra Leone Elders leaving on their missions.  They left June 2, 2016.  This is the first group my Sierra Leone missionaries I was blessed to help.  They are amazing young men and are on their way to Accra to enter the MTC.  They were pretty stoked.  Left to Right:  KallonThomas, Kpukuma Abdulrahman, Emmanuel Tandason, Ishmail Ibrahim, Martin Bull, Prince Foday, and Alimamy Kamara.  He actually had his mission call reinstated.  He was called in 2014 before Ebola, but then they closed the country and he could not go until now.  (See why I struggle with names here.)
This was after a Stake Conference  It was held in the Miatta Center in Freetown.  It is a conference center, but outside the room we were in is kind of like a Very small Ikea.  They sell all kind of things.  Saidu Conteh is the African young man and it was his Birthday.  He spoke in conference and did a wonderful job.  He is a returned missionary and is a service missionary in our office and does a lot of things for us.  Left to Right:  Saidu's sister, Elder Carly, Sister Carly, President Clawson, Sister Clawson Saidu, Saidu's girlfriend, Me and Brent. 

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