Wednesday, May 10, 2017

                                Another Bird post for my sweet Mom.  I love the yellow birds.   
 There were two like this building a nest.  One would fly in and find a leaf that she liked and strip a piece off and fly to a bigger tree.  As soon as she flew another one would fly down find a leaf and strip a piece off and fly away.  They took turns doing that for over an hour.  It was fun to watch them. 

 This is the big black bird that was on the other bird post.  She was just sitting on this branch with her wings out and I got a snap of it. 
This is our pet, Spot.  He was on the wall and Brent got a picture of him.  The one on the floor gives a idea of how small he is.  That is our scales next to him.  He is pretty tiny. 

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