Sunday, March 5, 2017

 Out front of the Church, Elder Waybright, front R and Elder Evans Back R.  These two Elders teach here often.  This is their area and this is how they teach many lessons.  I see them out my office window often and had to have a picture.  They are both amazing missionaries and remarkable young men. 
 3 of our Sister Missionaries.  Sitting in Sister Soja. This was our last Transfer day. 
 Brent was talking to our AP's.  They were shifting positions.  Elder Oyebambi (Left) has been an AP and is being transferred for his last area out to Bo.  Elder Smith is still an AP and Elder Izekor (right) is the new AP.  Elder Izekor has been serving in Upgun, and though we are sad he is leaving Upgun we are grateful to have him as an AP.  We will get to see him more and get to know him better.  GREAT young men!
 You gotta love Africa.  We were going shopping on Saturday and this was in front of us.  We were driving down Wilkinson Road.  I also got a picture of about the only stop light in Freetown that works.  We have even had to stop at it a few times.  If this truck had to stop fast both of these young men would be thrown off 
 Here is a picture of our little Gecko now named Spot, thanks to Mindee.  He was above the toilet this day and I had just used it and was washing my hands and looked in the mirror and saw him.  We can always see where he has been, but don't always see him. 
 These two pictures are of a guy that was trying to knock down some plums that are ripe.  The tree is outside our kitchen window.  You can see he is on the high wall that surrounds the compound.  He had a stick that he would try to knock them down with.  I wanted a picture and took a few. I stood kind of behind the curtain in the kitchen because I didn't want them to see me, but I took a close up and there were two young men and they both saw me and looked right at me and then took off.  They were not suppose to be getting the plums, but I just wanted a picture.  They do notice everything you do. 
Our cute Grandson in the mission Elder Cornista.  This is how they show respect to their Grandparents in the Philippines.  Elder Cornista and his companion are serving in Freetown, so we get to see them about every week or so.  He is such a darling boy.  He is the one that reminds us of Nique. 

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