Sunday, September 25, 2016

 Just some random pictures of our all mission conference during our lunch time.  I'm not sure the Elder on the left, but then there is Elder Wheelock, Elder Thomason, Elder Botang. 
 Some of our sweet Sister missionaries.  Aren't they darling?  Sister Soja is on the left and the 4th one from the left is Sister Abeka-Quansah.  They are the Sisters serving in Upgun the branch we are attending. 
 Brent and I.  Thanks Kassi for my cute dress.  This is the first time I wore it because I was saving it for something special and it doesn't get any more special than having a General Authority visit the mission. 
 Brent with Elder Arthur.  They have become very good friends.  Elder Arthur is serving in Makeni and has called Brent a lot about the new GT bank cards.  Hopefully now they are all working.  He is a really cute young man.  Darling sense of humor and great laugh. 
 This was our sister meeting on Saturday when we met with the wives of the General Authorities and some RS, YW and Primary leaders from SL.  Front row L to R:  Sister Stanfill, Sister Soares, Sister Stevenson and Sister Davies.  Back row L to R:  Me, Sister Carly, Sister Agbo, Stake Presidents wife, Sister Mabel Robin-Taylor Kossoh Town, Sister Christiana Kargbo, Kossoh Town (Ali's Wife) , Sister Alice Sawyer Wellington 1st Branch, Sister Clawson, and Sister Corbaley.  It was a wonderful meeting and I really felt the spirit. 
 Also on Saturday they had a meeting for all the Priesthood leaders in SL.  It was just for the Bishop's, Branch and District Presidents and the Stake President and President Clawson with all the General Authorities that visited us.  We had just finished our sister meeting and they were taking pictures, so I snapped one.  This is the church leadership of SL. 
My African dress.  I bought the fabric in a little shop in Congo market and Santo's a tailor here made it for me and I had him make a tie to match for Brent.  I was not sure it would fit me the way he measured me, but it fits perfect and I love it.  We wore this Sunday when the General Authorities were here.  I had a lot of people comment on it and tell me it suited me.  That is how they say it here. 

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