Sunday, September 25, 2016

 Brent and Markus at the hospital in Sierra Leone after the accident.  The day after this picture was taken Markus went to Ghana and had surgery on both his wrists.  He arrived back in Sierra Leone on Friday 23, Sept. and he is doing really good. Markus called Brent and asked him to pick him up at Sea Bird when he flew in on Friday.  He felt honored to be able to do that for Markus. 
 This is a picture further back of the hospital.  You can see Brent and Markus up on the second floor through the trees. 
 My good friend Jeneba and her supper.  She works in distribution in the mission office as a volunteer 3 days a week.  She brought these chickens in a bag one day and took them home and ate them.  She brought some of them back in a stew the next day.  She is so much fun and always makes me laugh. 
 This is our sweet bread lady who just had a baby.  This is the one who told me she would give me her baby.  They are both beautiful and we love them, but like I told her, I am way to old to raise a baby. 

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