Sunday, December 18, 2016

 The Sunday before Thanksgiving I made Pumpkin Pie and we invited the missionaries living above the Mission Office for Pie. Usually there are 6 Elders but that night there were 10.  I didn't know there were that many, but we cut the pieces smaller and still had a fun night.  They are cute young men.  Elder Akan in sitting front and on the left standing is Elder Oyebambi.  They are the AP's. 
We found a squash at a market a couple weeks ago and I baked the squash and ran it through the blender and put it in freezer.  That is what I made the pie out of and it turned out really good.  The cream we used is like the dream whip from home, but it is a Domo brand.  I used powdered milk and made cream out of powdered Domo.  It tastes pretty good.
 Thanksgiving dinner 2016.  We actually had it the Sunday after Thanksgiving because they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Sierra Leone and it was just another work day.  We found a small turkey and cooked it in a crock pot.  Brent cut up the turkey like he always does. 
The dressing turned out really good.  Their bread is a little different, but the dressing was yummy, even without celery in it.  That is one thing we have not seen here is celery.  We had a pretty complete Thanksgiving dinner. 

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