Sunday, December 18, 2016

 9 December 2016 Brent and I at Sea Bird waiting to pick up Elder Stanfill.  He is a counselor in the area Presidency and came for Stake Conference.  The Clawson's were in Bo, so Brent and I were blessed to be his transportation for the weekend.  Brent got a phone call just as I handed a guy my camera and so he took a bunch of shots of us.  I wanted a picture of Brent and I with the Christmas tree.   The ocean is behind Brent and there are stairs leading down to the water.
 This Christmas tree was in a corner of the building the day we arrived in Freetown in April.  Now it has a place of honor in the middle of the building and has decorations on it including balloons.  They have balloons all around the building.  It was very festive.  

 The top picture is Salamatu Kolokoh my dear friend.  She is going on her mission on the 27th of December.  I will really miss her.  I got to know here when we were going to Dwarzak ward.  She is a counselor in the RS presidency in that ward.  She will be a wonderful missionary.  The bottom picture is Salamatu, Me, and Sister Margaret.  Sister Margaret is also in the Dwarzak ward and she has a little shop just outside our compound.  We buy a lot of vegetables from her.  On Friday nights she asks us what we want and she goes to town on Saturday and brings it back to us.  It is fresh things.  We usually but carrots, cucumbers, bananas, squash, gratefruit and a couple times we brought bread fruit from her.  She is such a sweet little lady.  We are glad we can help her and she really helps us. 

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