Sunday, February 12, 2017

 9 February 2017 the group of missionaries that left from SL to go on their missions.  Left to right:
Sister Abu, Sister Domingo, Elder Kamara, Sister Browne and Sister Conteh, and me with them.  
 This is outside the mission office before the missionaries left. Above is Brother Smith, he is a counselor in the Bishopric in Dwarzak ward.  Below, One of the families brought lunch. It was rice with a stew over it.  This is usually what they eat. 

 This little girl was part of the group of family members and she was so cute.  Elder Sarkodi is in the picture below with her.  She really liked him.  He is one of the office Elders now. 

 The group of 16 missionaries we welcomed 7 February 2017, they are a great group of missionaries.
 Sheka and his boys.  Sheka is our gardner and takes care of all things with plants in our compound.  He sometimes brings his boys to help him when they are not in school. 
President James is the District President for the Kissy Branch.  I took a picture of him because I am always mixing him up with his District Clerk, Aba John.  They look a lot alike to me and they tell me people get them mixed up all the time, but I want to get them straight. 

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